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Jun. 11th, 2017

living purple Raidou

Just like last time

Hello. I'm back again. How are you? I hope you remember me well.

This time around I haven't been listening to different music. Still listening to music, but no songs of old, no legends and no myths. I want something just like recent pop songs and the newest releases of this year.

I like listening to music because sometimes I pay attention to different things, or I read into things differently. Like the time when I saw numbers, some songs show me that things can be seen under a different light. Or lack of light. Like when something covers the light.
Like when the Earth is in front of the sun. Or when the Earth is in front of the Moon.

Even in the lack of light, you can still grope until you can turn the key.

The only thing you can't see without light is art.
But you can still listen to music, too.

Jan. 27th, 2017

living purple Raidou

Remember your birthday?

I've been doing things differently lately, and this reminded me of this place. This blog. In which I posted things that I'd consider secret, because I posted them much more to myself, and nobody ever read them, I think.

But now you are here, and you are reading this. So, hello. I've been listening to different music, too. Music is powerful to me, it seems to open doors. The doors of inspiration, maybe?
If you listen to that song you'll see doors being opened.

But not only that. I made tests on the web, and they say I am synesthesic. And I think I see numbers when I listen to some songs. So it's like the song opens a door and I see numbers.
I don't really know what these numbers mean, though.
But maybe they're trying to say something. You know, as if they were readable.
I heard that adding +1 to them may help make meaning.

I'm not sure what they may open, though.

Mar. 3rd, 2013

living purple Raidou

Writing fiction and character development (or is this the right title for this post?)

Okay, so here I am again. This post - like most of my posts here - serves merely one purpose: to remind me of some important things I came across this afternoon and which I hope to make use of in the near future (that's why I want to remember them) and what better way to achieve this than to write another random post on my deserted livejournal blog?

So today I took my wacom tablet and started to line a sketch of a new OC (original character) I had left on SAI a few days ago. I have this story I have been chewing up in my brain for at least 3 or 4 years now (yeaaahhh), and never got to start writing it. I always feel like I am missing plot stuff and, especially, characters. So I haven't started it yet and I am always trying to come up with new characters. And I have this girl, who is one of my protagonists in this story, and I felt I had too few female OCs and she needed a girl friend to add up some things even to her own personality. So I came up with this girl and I have been drawing her.

I am much more of a visual "artist" (or a wannabe) than a writer, that's why the first thing I care about when creating a character is their design, but writing is something I find really interesting (probably because my sister is very interested in literature and a very good writer, so I have high contact with it, I think) and I have it as a hobby in my life, that's why I've been working on it. Not to mention writing fanfiction nonstop in my pre teens is something that helped me tremendously, and I totally owe all my college papers and essays to that time. Of course I am still no pro - but I can say for sure that my writing got better a lot faster thanks to that.

While I was drawing my newest OC, I realized how the poor girl still didn't have a name, ethnicity, backstory, or anything of the sort to her. Only a face and a pretty dress. Then I thought I should get to it - but I have really been lacking inspiration to that kind of stuff lately. So I thought "why not ask old friend google for help?"

There is a large difference, a cliff actually, in between writing fanfiction, something with which I am much more accustomed to, and writing your own fiction. It's your own world, your own people, your own plot and development. For example, when you're writing fanfiction, you don't really need to describe the characters or, most of the times, environments and such, since, supposedly, you're writing to a public that already knows how these characters and places look. With your own fiction, that's a whole different story. You're introducing something new to the public, and they don't have how to get into your head and see things just as you imagine them. Not only that, but it's also a lot easier to make someone from a certain fandom come and like your fanfic because they like the series/book/film/game/anime/manga you're writing about, since they already like it and are acquainted with its characters, and you only have to hook them by the plot (and your writing - some people don't think that counts, but I do). When it's your story, you don't know what kind of people might come across it. Of course, you must have a target audience in mind when you're actually writing your story, but then how to make this audience enjoy it and 'carve' for it? I've always had this doubt, and I still do.

Of course we have all heard of character development, having a defined plot and events, blah blah blah. But how do we get to it? What makes a good story good?

Uncle Google helped me find some really interesting articles around the web. These articles didn't really answer to my doubts, but they still proved real reliable resources to help aspiring writers, or even hobbyist writers like myself, how to make stories better. Of course everything comes with practice, like my writing in my pre teens, but it's always nice to have a little push from those who already have this experience.

So here are a few links which I found to be interesting and really helpful. I hope that other people can find them helpful too, if anyone comes by this post!

Adding Character Depth Through Perception at Fiction Factor
How to pick the right core event (Branching Aspects of Core Events) at Jodi Henley's blog
Building Character at Kristen Koster's website
7 Creative Ways to Create Character Depth also at Kristen Koster's (must read!)
10 Simple Keys to Plot Structure at Michael Hauge's Story Mastery (another must read, this whole website is a must!)
AutoCrit has an amazing database, too
DeviantART's *OokamiKasumi's Writing Tips and Tricks gallery has a lot of helpful articles too

 For less plain characters and plots in the world xD
If you look around you can find even more stuff.... But these are the ones I found to be the most helpful. At least for now.

Jun. 25th, 2012

Devil Forging

Oh, Castlevania...

Well, and yet again I am fangirling over Castlevania...
Not the new ones though. My tolerance for Castlevania games goes from the IGA/Kojima/Yamane era and reaches Judgment, but I can't take Lords of Shadow. Now, don't flame, I know it's even a different timeline and all, and this series isn't even really made by Konami.... Though I think that's what pisses me off when it comes to calling it a Castlevania game. It may be a Castlevania inspired game, but it's not the same thing. It only borrows some names and gameplay elements from the original series, c'mon.
Anyway, I don't always like talking about things I don't like. Let's talk about what I do like.

Leon, Trevor, Simon, Juste, Richter. The Greatest Five *-* ("Warriors revive!" xD) And Julius. I love them all (including Julius xD Ayami Kojima really knows how to draw some bishies - even Rinaldo in LoI seems to have been a very handsome lad in his young years...).

So, when I'm into a fandom again, I usually go to the respective wiki and read characters' articles there, to end my thirst understanding things about games I didn't play, or the ones I played too long ago, and to hunt for inspiration, until I run out of interesting subjects to read about xD With Cva it hasn't been different, but on one of my trips there, on the wiki, I also learned of the existence of a certain "fan wiki" (don't mind the randomness on the first page), which contains mainly fanwork for the series. Though it seems to be a very lonely website, and very poor on actual content, there are some interesting stuffs in there. I even came across some interesting fanwork, though the fanarts do leave you wishing (the ones in there are not very good - I still think the japanese fandom for Cva is the most fortunate when it comes to fanart), there are some interesting fanfiction in there.

After reading said fanfics, and reading some (rare) articles in there concerning fanon ideas, I ran into the infamous "Castlevania Fanon Wiki". That sounded interesting, and I don't remember what drew my attention to Sonia Belmont's article there. It contained some possibilities to make Sonia 'includable' in the main/canon timeline, and I agreed with most of it. How she, being a woman, had a son bear her surname and give continuity to the Belmont bloodline, and other points about she and her grandfather. Even an interesting theory about how Mathias and Dracula are indeed the same person in Castlevania, how he killed Vlad Tepes and took on his identity, which sounded, particularly, very plausible to me, since there are so many different opinions in the fandom regarding Mathias' legitimacy as Dracula.
With that, the wiki sounded reliable enough to me, after all, fanon is a general idea or speculation on a series that most fans take as possible and/or convincing enough to take as canon or to end discussions, so I kept on reading. As I reached the end of Sonia's article, though, I wasn't sure anymore if I still could rely on it. I mean, the writer put Trevor Belmont as being 10 years old in 1666, which is totally off, since Sonia was 17 in Legends, in 1450, so she couldn't possibly have had a son in the 'time rift' she was put on the cancelled Castlevania: Ressurrection, or whatever. What I wrote here doesn't even make sense. Anyway, I belive you got my point.
Which concludes: that's not fanon. It seems like someone simply came writing craziness on their own view on a parallel Castlevania-ish realm they invented, probably for those 218764357645 chapters long fanfictions you can easily find around.
But then I thought it would be unfair to go judging the entire wiki just because I thought one article was weird. So I read other articles.
No comments.
To find a freaking load of Belmont OCs in there, including one named Sala Belmont, that featured in the artwork box an official artwork of Hector was just disappointing.
And after reading Simon's article there, I just wouldn't believe it. Please see it for yourself, that's just not fanon. That's totally wrong information, and certainly not speculation either.

'Honestly people, get your facts straight' was the first thing that crossed my mind upon reading this Fanon Wiki. And I just had to get that out of myself in here.

Nov. 3rd, 2011

living purple Raidou

Kuzunoha Raidou Tai Kodokuno Marebito

So, there's Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha's manga, called Kuzunoha Raidou Tai Kodokuno Marebito, or Raidou Kuzunoha vs the Lone Marebito, or something like that. The manga's chapters are released monthly in Japan through Famitsu, as it is also available online (btw, chapter 30 just came out today! *-* And looks like we're heading to the end).
Anyway, here's the thing: I bought volumes 1 to 3, and I simply love it.

So yay, everything is roses, since Isa finally has her beloved Raidou in her hands? Not yet. There's one problem. Isa can't read Japanese, just like many other Shin Megami Tensei fans out there.
There is (was?) this girl extrablade here on LJ who was translating the manga to English, but she stopped after the 7th chapter and hasn't posted since September 2010. I found out about this manga and her translation only in January this year, when chapters 2 to 18 were not available on Famitsu's website anymore, so I had a hole of 10 chapters (8 to 18) I couldn't even only look at the manga's gorgeous art. Now that I bought volumes 1 to 3, this hole has been filled. But anyway, my own stuff aside, my motive for writing this entry is that I would like to continue this project. 
Hehe, wait, I know I said I can't read Japanese xD That's why I need help. I think that if we, Devil Summoner fans, got together, maybe we could do this. I mean, there has to be someone out there who could translate it to us or help us translating it, right? I have the pages, I just need someone to help me translate it. I have the raw chapters 19 to 29, and maybe, if I really could get some people interested in it, I could consider scanning my manga for chapters 8 to 18.

What do you guys think? Help me spread the idea!

Here goes a little something for everyone: I scanned the covers fully, since the back covers are just as pretty as the front ones *o*
(Just don't mind my scanner, it is terrible for colors ;A; I tried to adjust it, but it didn't get much better D: )

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

There is also the under-cover (it's so cute):
(I scanned only vol.1's because they're all pretty much the same, only the stain patterns differ a bit)

Click on each part to enlarge

Also I took the freedom to scan two koma-style little comics present in volume 3, since I believe they were not released on the web xD
Here they are:


(I think it's so cute how you don't need to know Japanese to find them funny xD And you can totally understand the second one just by looking x3)

So, that's about it.
Hope to hear from you fellow fans õ/

Sep. 17th, 2011

living purple Raidou

My ranting on this crap

I know no one reads my Live Journal, but I just have this thing I need to rant about somewhere.
I just can't keep quiet about it anymore.

It's that DmC: Devil May Cry... thing.
I just watched this new japanese trailer from TGS and I didn't join the discussion there because I already got a bit mad about the comments there just from reading them, so yeah.
You can say whatever you want about me from being mad on this game and on the 'fans' that are thinking this is going to be the best DMC ever. I don't care. I just have to show off my opinion as well. 

They keep saying that we have to wait to see how's it going to really be. I don't think so. We've seen enough from this game to have an opinion. Real fans will accept it and just play it when it's released? Real fans? Oh, really?? It's not because I call myself a 'real fan' that I have to accept whatever junk they throw at me saying "this is Devil May Cry! Play it." I mean, real fans make their fandoms stick to what they really are. And that is definitly not Devil May Cry. And I'm not even talking about that self-proclaimed Dante's looks. That's not even that anymore. What really pisses me off is that it doesn't even make me want to like it. I just simply don't like it.

I have to admit that the gameplay does look DMC-like, and really does look like it would be cool to play it, but not with that guy. He isn't as stylish as the original Dante, if he were, maybe I wouldn't be here ranting. Because really, like I said, it's not because I'm mad that he doesn't even look like Dante, but man, the looks count. And I'm not even talking about him being beautiful or anything. I'm really talking about the state of utmost awesomeness that DMC simply lost with what Ninja Theory made to the poor protagonist.

I don't care if I just sound like a 14-year-old fangirl crying over the lost of her favorite protagonist ever. I really don't, that's just my most honest opinion on this sequel. 
Honestly, Dante's creator, Hideki Kamiya, himself said that that's not Dante anymore.
He said he misses his original Dante, and that hurt me when I first read about it.
And gosh, if you're not gonna listen to the series' freaking creator, then you just can't call yourself a real DMC-fan. It's the Word of God, guys.
Just saying.

Aug. 23rd, 2011

living purple Raidou

i has a tumblr nao

It's been a while o/
It's so cold here in Brazil, I'm tired of winter, I want the spring to come D:
Hmm, I think I'm kinda back to deviantART so I'll be back here too, I like posting here. Though nobody reads this XD
Just to update on some subjetcs... I found more images of Cielo! <o/ So now I'm ready to create some more DDS icons/avatars and maybe some MegaTen wallpapers to post here. Because LJ is the perfect place to post this kindo' stuff xD
Also, my Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon stopped glitching and I already finished it some months ago. Forgot to update my LJ on this xD I want to write here my thoughts on it lateerrr! <3 Gotta luv the Raidou series, that boy is just too perfect. Also, I think I should make some more Raidou avatars for my LJ.

And just to let you know guys, now I have a tumblr! *o* I have the same name there as any other website I have an account at xD It's isacrisis.tumblr.com :3
Also, I started a fanblog/fansite on Digital Devil Saga with a friend from deviantART. You should check it out x3 It's this one: dds-pairings.blogspot.com. We decided to make it on Blogspot/Blogger since I think there we have more freedom to make the blog look nice without the need of premium accounts and such XD We're just making it for fun, after all.
Also, I think you can see I've been quite obsessed wuth DDS for now.
I even started an AU of it LOLOLOLLL
And the worst is that I'm actually taking it seriously now >__>

I should stop having this crazy ideas XD

May. 26th, 2011


Why no luv for Cielo?

I can only find high quality DDS images of all the other characters, except Cielo D:
Although I myself still wonder why I want 'em so badly, anyway. Cielo should have moar fangirl luv, ja?

Also, something else I've been noticing... Digital Devil Saga fans are scary o_O At least to me... Don't ask why. I dunno, they're just... scary. Maybe I'm scary too. Who cares.

Random posting deserves random drawing, woot! Have you noticed that all my posts are kind of random? LOL.
And this tiem I come with Argilla
Fast sketchy. I was sleepy. Not finished out of lazyness. Also drawn on a lined notebook D: Like Dante. (the one I posted on my last entry [link] )

Apr. 9th, 2011


Simple Happyness

Buying new clothes always makes me happy! ^-^ And using them later, of course. I'm not a buying-compulsive girl XD

But there's something else making me happy here: I'M DRAWING AGAIN OMAUERTHNUWLOLDHFSG!!!!11!ONE! I'm very happy, yes. But for now I'll just post a simple sketch I made some days ago during the history class at school ;D [ima bad gal, should not be drawing during classes ~_o]
I'm going up and down with my fandoms, like, I'm on Digital Devil Saga, Persona 3, well, MegaTen in general, 999 and Devil May Cry at the same time by now. Yess, I has little issues. XD

Well, there it is, my Dante XD I was kinda trying to draw him with the devil arm Lucifer, from Devil May Cry 4, and also in the DMC4 outfit style, bur I kinda failed 'kuz I didn't have any references on me, all I had was my mind's eye. So, I did my best at remembering how his clothes look in DMC4, but then I kinda messed up mixing it with the DMC1 outfit, then he turned out like this: his clothes are a mix of DMC1 and 4 styles, but his face looks like him in DMC3! XD
This one was made with a very bright red ballpoint pen, but I adjusted it when I scanned the drawing ^-^ (the flowers on the sides of the notebook's page were not made by me, they're part of the notebook XD but it went very well with Dante, right? XD Just kidding).

Well, that's enough randomness for now XD I'll try to post fanarts more often, and next time I wanna come with some personalized avatars of mine x3 Do you guys like the bunny Serph? xDDD

Mar. 27th, 2011


"I don't have time for your SHENANIGANS!!!!"

This is just another random post. I really think I should be drawing more and posting on dA, or here, but the more I talk about how I should be doing this and that, the more I feel like I really won't be doing it anytime soon. XP
Well, but I must confess I was able to start a good drawing of Clover, from 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors! A good drawing! It's been a huge while since the last time I was able to say something like that about a sketchy of mine... u__u' That's why I'm so happy! x3

Talking about 999... IT WAS A FRIGGIN' GOOD GAME!! Everyone should play it. I mean, believe me, it was awesoem, it really was! The best multi-ending game I've ever played, and by far the best Nintendo DS game I've seen so far. Really. I simply couldn't stop playing it until I finished it. I hope to fanart this game a lot, although I know I won't have that energy xD. Also because this is my last yesr of High School so I should really try to apply myself to it as much as I can, which means I won't have as much time to draw as I had on vacations. Although the best thing to do would certainly be try my best at both things. The more things I have to do, the more things I want to do are done! And the fun time gets even sweeter. I guess XDD
Oh, I wrote more than I had planned to. XD

By the way, I liked 999 so much I wished to share my thoughts about the whole game, but since I'm sure I'll end up spitting a buncha spoilers, then I'd better put the rest of this entry under an LJ Cut XD

Beware of spoilers! Only read if you've already finished playing through all the endings of 999. Click here to keep reading...Collapse )

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